"Magic ME" Quick Clearing Activations


The "Magic ME" Quick Clearing Activations are short,

'Done For You'

Mini Sessions that you can listen to anywhere, anytime.  


The "Magic ME" Quick Clearing Activations facilitate a connection with a spirit group known as the 'White Light Healers'. Here are some of the possibilities with listening to these activations:

  • Quickly Release Any Blocks

  • Align Your Physical/Spirit Bodies

  • Stimulate Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Cleanse Your Auric Field

What You'll Get:

In this package, you will receive 5 MP3 "Magic ME" Quick Clearing Activation downloads.  

  • Physical Activation - Stimulates energetic movement in any area retaining noticed pain points, opening up space and removing the mental/emotional thought forms attached for healing.
  • Mental Activation - Clears blocks that keep the distracting negative ego chatter going, clarifying your truths and decision making.
  • Emotional Activation - Clear blocks that keep you from fully expressing yourself and supports setting and holding your boundaries.
  • Spiritual Activation - Clears murky, stagnant energies in the spirit body, releasing foreign energies and leaving you in your pure state of self.
  • General Alignment Activation - Quickly centers and grounds you, clearing a path for direct connection and communication with your Divine Self.  

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What People Are Saying:

I have always thought that I had spiritual gifts but have never been able to access my abilities. Working with Tearhsa has helped me to remove my fears and open up to my intuition, channeling and connection to my personal guidance. Thank you!


Tearhsa has helped me clear away the guilt I’ve carried for years. Now I’m able to focus on myself and move forward with confidence. Thank you Tearhsa for guiding me to freedom!


I have a history of choosing men that devalue and control me. My self-worth was on a level of self-deception. With Tearhsa’s guidance and sessions, I have moved away from fear-based dependencies, reinvented myself, and finally attracted the soulmate that I deserve. I’ve never been seen or heard like I am now. Tearhsa saved my life!


I’ve been my worst critic my whole life. I’ve sabotaged every dream to the point that I’ve been running in circles, trying many different careers and hobbies and never truly found a natural fit that made me happy every day. With Tearhsa’s guidance sessions, I’ve not only identified my life purpose, but I’ve begun my path to spending everyday doing what I love. I feel motivated, stronger and have more clarity than ever before!


$48.00 USD

The information on this site and in this course is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I understand there are no promises in regards to results. I am responsible for my own growth and commit to the self-work required for my growth. Tearhsa Wilder is here to guide me, however, I understand I must do the work. Due to the high integrity of Tearhsa's work, no refunds or exchanges on MP3's.


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