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"40 Days to Soul Expansion"

We come into this life to seek truth and knowledge to grow our soul. Opening the heart to more fully give and receive love expands, enriches and brightens the soul light. "This is how we change the world: one drop of light at a time. "This in-depth program will challenge you in all four quadrants: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.40 Days to Soul Expansion is a self-paced program designed to bring you closer to knowledge and truth through information and action. The goal is to expand your open heart and heighten awareness of your true self. This program is about you and no one else. Dedicate yourself to yourself. You are worth it! Includes 10 FREE Meditation & Audio Downloads!


"40 Days to Soul Enlightenment"

This 40-day self-study will journey you to explore both internal and external awareness. You will discover who you are in this life, how you impact the reality around you and how the external you attract and invite in effect you.

This personal exploration opens the path to healing the wounds of the heart to create a joyful, balanced NOW.

Give yourself permission to take this time for your self-growth and care. Open your heart and grow your light. Be the light.

This is how we change the world: one drop of light at a time.

It’s time to shine in your brilliance.


"40 Days to Soul Enlightenment Daily Affirmation Card Deck

Daily Affirmation Cards used independently or with the book, 40 Days to Soul Enlightenment: Daily Affirmations to Open Your Heart to God's Love. These cards are intended to assist with daily reminders in support of continued growth and enlightenment as we open our hearts in love.


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